InFineon CMOS programming

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I am willing so pay somebody for a solution to this issues as I have spend many of days working on the problem with no results.

I have the current board attached in the image. It is fairly simple. This board controls a heater, a fan and an 8 segment LED panel.

I am able to flash the board IC AM29F160DB. However when i power it on noting seems to work. In a normal board the CMOS IC ALLIANCE AS6C4016 seems to hold some serial numbers and parameters. I am also guessing this is the reason there is a battery on the board. I had a new board and just to test, disconnected the battery. As expected the board failed to start and gave out the same symptom. The unit connected to this board is looking for a serial number, on a blank board the serial number is 00000 however if you move the battery it will o to null. This will cause the system to fail as it does not see any serial number.

What I am confused about is that the CMOS should be programmed by the Infineon chip. Maybe I am wrong to assume that.

Anybody has any ideas? I have the firmware that is loaded on the system but it is in bin format. I am guessing that will not help.

The preferred result would be to be able to reprogram the CMOS again. I also have extra boards is anybody is interested in trying it out. Sadly I only have one working board left. The rest are working but failed because the CMOS values are gone.

Any help is appreciated it.


Last Edited: Sun. Oct 13, 2019 - 12:31 AM