Incantation for setting a data breakpoint in AS7

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What is the incantation for setting a data breakpoint in AS7?

I'm trying to set a breakpoint on Tracer::first .

The declaration in class Tracer::

static volatile unsigned char first, next;


The implementation:

volatile unsigned char Tracer::first NOINIT, Tracer::next NOINIT;

NOINIT is #defined to a section attribute, a la PROGMEM and EEMEM:



I've tried to follow the directions in section 4.8 of the manual, but to no avail,

e.g. when I type &Tracer::first in the breakpoint window, the OK button stays grayed out.


Note the code compiles and runs.

I frequently get first==10 and next==8.

After the first reset, that should not happen.

If next==8, first should be 0 or 9.


I want the breakpoint to tell me where it goes wrong.

Much to my surprise and annoyance, examining the code has not helped.


Edit: The processor is an ATmega2560.


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