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I have only just moved to 6.x from old Eclipse IDE. A couple of questions please.

1/ Can I configure the IDE to not re-program the flash when the build has not changed? i.e. just run? Mine does a re-program every time.

2/ The IDE does not seem to know what the JTAG IceMk11 is doing. When I ask the IDE to Start a progam in debug mode, the status bar says erasing, writing (0%) and then Running almost instantly. It has no awareness of flash programming status. Then it times out after a minute. Then it offers up Timed out message and set option "Tools - Options - Debugger - AVR debugger - AVR comm timeout" (which does not exist). Meanwhile in the background the program was loaded, and after going through all that above, it will start debugging.

However, if I use the device program dialog, it does have knowledge of the programming progress. But this does not help, due to 1/ above.

Any ideas? thanks.