ICE200 doesnt recognise OBJ file

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Hi Freaks
I sent a quastion today about the problem that i am having but no one unswered and i guess that it is because i gave too much things in the same mail
I will try to devide the problem into few sections hope that it will help.

Every thing worked fine for more then two years and suddennly yesterday when i turned on the system...The ICE200 didnt recognized the COF or the OBJ altought they were at the same regular place ( i didnt do nothing that changed the setup)

The Code vision compiled the code with no problems and as soon as i tried to load the AVRStudio using the ICE200 i got the small window of the ICE200 configuration .As if i need to configure the ICE200 from the begginning
Every thing that i did didnot lead me to be able to work with it and insted i also got the Window that asking me if i want to send the errors to Microsoft because the AVRStudio didnt work fine (I guess that every one is familier with this window) .

I am using the STK500 and the ICE200 with CodeVision compiler.
I tried to load one of the files that comes with the examples of the CodeVision in order to see if my Code is doing the problem but couldnt make it work either.
I tried to load the new versionof AVRStudio and then back to the original one .......but no luck

Is the ICE200 has passed away??
Is ther a way to test it?

Please advise