i can't start my 3310lcd

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hello, i took the libraries and schematics from internet, especially www.microsyl.com, original with mega8, but still can't make it work.

i have modified in lcd.h these lines:
// ATMega8535 port B pinout for LCD.
#define LCD_DC_PIN 0x01 // PB0
#define LCD_CE_PIN 0x10 // PB4 =SS -initial PB2
#define SPI_MOSI_PIN 0x20 // PB5 =MOSI -initial PB3
#define LCD_RST_PIN 0x40 // PB6 =MISO -initial PB4
#define SPI_CLK_PIN 0x80 // PB7 =SCK
-initial PB5

to another site quantumtorque they say it doesn't mater which pins are chosen, but this communication is a SPI one and we have to use MISO, MOSI, SS and SCk, right? i haven't changed the PB0 pin.Is this a special one, or it can be any pin?

And concerning the power of the lcd, i use a simple voltage divider, a potentiometer of 100k, might there be a to small curent? thank you