[How to] Simulate a real life capacitive touch button

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The difficulty of implementing capacitive sensing capabilities in a product is often overlooked. Those of you that have worked in a project involving capacitive sensing know that there are several hurdles to overcome in order to successfully execute such a project.

These include:

  1. There is no standardized development process for systems with capacitive touch capabilities. Even starting a capacitive touch project can be overwhelming for newcomers.
  2. Translating requirements from the end-customers to schematic diagrams or physical layouts is very demanding.
  3. There are many capacitive touch vendors to choose from, but not enough time to evaluate all the options, mainly because configuring a capacitive touch controller takes too much time.
  4. Finally, even if you manage to verify that the capacitive touch system end-product behaves well in test-conditions, there is no guarantee that it will not fail in real-world scenarios, or that the behavior of mass-products will be the same.



Thanks to Fieldscale SENSE Cloud, Elbis managed to overcome these difficulties and design a capacitive touch switch that incorporates a plywood overlay decreasing the time to spot product’s deficiencies and saving a great amount of material and labor cost required to verify the design.


Watch the video HERE and learn more about how you can start designing and verifying your own touch sensors here.