How to rebuild USB DFU bootloader for AT32UC3A3?

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I have been experimenting with the version 1.1 USB DFU bootloader on the UC3-A3 Xplained board with BatchISP. I have been flashing the at32uc3a3-isp.hex file in ...\AVR-UC3-SoftwareFramework-1.7.0\1.7.0-AT32UC3\SERVICES\USB\CLASS\DFU\EXAMPLES\ISP\AT32UC3A3\IAR.


Everything works as expected but I was wondering how can I rebuild .hex file using the included source code? I am not too familiar with source code building process, but the readme mentions that it is possible to rebuild version 1.0 if needed, so I am guessing there must be a way to rebuild version 1.1 as well. I notice that isp.c has a main function, so I am guessing I should import all the files in ...\AVR-UC3-SoftwareFramework-1.7.0\1.7.0-AT32UC3\SERVICES\USB\CLASS\DFU\EXAMPLES\ISP\AT32UC3A3\IAR and try to compile the code? I tried to just copy all the files into a blank project and compile it, but I just ended with a bunch of compilation errors and missing headers. What is the best way to go about this?