How to connect slaves to the Raven for wireless logging

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I have several ATTiny85 based solar battery chargers that use Objective Development's USB driver for PC logging. They are working OK but limited to one log at a time (sending keyboard characters to an open text editor) and tie up the laptop in a hostile environment. So I'd like to connect them all to a Raven and blip the data to the house.

Any suggestions how to proceed? Noise immunity and protection of the Raven is more important than speed. I'd be happy to get a byte a second from each slave. I was thinking individual one-wire connections to port pins for simplicity, but apparently with some software complications they could all be tied to one pin.

Seems more straightforward to get the data into the 3290P through the PORTE header, but the 1284P UARTs are available on J202. Would continuous one-wire on a PORTE pin put much of a processor load on the 3290?

The two pins now used for USB are available on the '85 for connection. Of course, what would really be cool would be to just tie all these to the Raven and let it sort out the USB collisions.