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I'm a student, participating in Formula Student Germany(FSG), with my team Ojas.

Since we are rookies, I have a few doubts.

We are hoping to implement CAN protocol, to communicate between 3 ecus, but if we are going for 2, should we scrap CAN, and just go for SPI? I really wish to learn CAN and implement it, what all ECUs can we use in a basic formula style car. And we also wish to implement GUI, for easier debugging, and DAQ. Any thought on that?

We have experience with AtMega uControllers, Arduino(even though it is atmel at heart, easier for everyone to understand), have a Xilinx Zed Board (we wanted to use this as our main ECU, but then thought this would be an overkill, we would just use a few featues of the Zynq 7000). We also have a samkoon lcd, wich need to be run by modbus. 

And also about the at90CANxx series, will they be enough, are they any difficult.

Clament John

Clament John | Still in school 

Last Edited: Sun. Aug 30, 2015 - 11:14 PM