HDMI-C different pins than HMDI-A ???

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Can someone shine a light on the reason that Mini-HDMI uses different pin numbers than HDMI connectors ? The connectors look the same but for a strange reason pins are swapped, as noted on Wikipedia :


A Mini connector defined in the HDMI 1.3 specification, it is intended for portable devices. It is smaller than the type A plug connector (10.42 mm x 2.42 mm) but has the same 19-pin configuration.[51][53] The differences are that all positive signals of the differential pairs are swapped with their corresponding shield, the DDC/CEC Ground is assigned to pin 13 instead of pin 17, the CEC is assigned to pin 14 instead of pin 13, and the reserved pin is 17 instead of pin 14. The type C Mini connector can be connected to a type A connector using a type A-to-type C cable.[51][52]

Unfortunately i found this out when I allready spent 2500 euro on the first prototypes... with wrong pinnrs :-(

If someone can think of a reason for this pinswap I would like to know it.