Generic Developement Board Features

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When it comes to development boards, everyone likes the cost to be low and the features high. One way I can see to do this is to provide the board without the 0.1" header pins installed. The cost of the headers along with the cost of installation significantly raises the cost of the board. The cost of the header pins including installation about doubled the cost of the Analog AVR Board that I designed last year, basically, making it very expensive to sell. OK, perhaps I stuffed too many features onto the board as well. I do provide the JTAG and ISP headers on my AT644/644P development board. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any suggestions for other cost cutting methods? I'll start the list:

(1) 2-layer PCB.
(2) SMT components when at all possible.
(3) Enough tantalum caps to do the job, but no more.
(4) Reduce PCB size but not to the extent that it makes the board difficult to use (unlike the AT90USBKEY).
(5) Conservative component selection.
(6) Optional components installed by end-user?
(7) Assembly in China?