FreeRTOS Demo for the Microchip AVR Dx Port

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Setting aside the issue of the relative complications or benefits of running an RTOS on an 8-bit AVR device, has anyone tried "FreeRTOS Demo for the Microchip AVR Dx Port" from  I have FreeRTOS running on a homebrew board using the PIC32CM1216, thanks to the FreeRTOS available through Harmony 3 on MPLAB X IDE.  FreeRTOS was easy to get up and running on the PIC32CM1216 which has 16K bytes of RAM as does the AVR128DBxx.   So I wanted to try FreeRTOS on the AVR128DB, and thought the demo would be a good way to start.  I'm sure it works, and that those who are proficient with NetBeans and MPLAB X IDE could get it working.  However, when I tried it I just ended up in knots.  Basically because needed files were not where they were supposed to be, couldn't be found, and I couldn't resolve the issues.


So I just wanted to check to see if anyone on AVRFreaks had tried this demo and ask if they were successful and if so would they be willing to share their MPLAB project.X file?