FreeRTOS for AVR128DA

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For the ones who are interested in running FreeRTOS wt the AVR128DA family, I' ve a working port for this MCU faamily.

This port is only for the 128DA and it shoud'nt work with the other members of the AVR-DA family due to the RAMPZ register not being present on the AVR64DA and AVR32DA MCUs.

Important warning for Arduino guys!

This port is not Arduino related, it is only for the 128DA MCU family used in custom board designs (or the AVR128DA48 Curiosity Nano).


The attached files are:

FreeRTOS.rar -> The FreeRTOS PORT

AV128DA64_DEMO -> A demo project using an AVR128DA64 in the TQFP package.

This demo uses:

An HDSP-2531 LED display (Time display) // Parallel display using PORTB as the data port, PORTC as the address port and PORTD as the control port

A 20x4 OLED diplay with an I2C PCA9535 I/O expander used as the I2C adapter (Date and Time display) // I2C0 in FAST MODE

A DS28CM00 I2C Silicon Serial Number // I2C0 in FAST MODE

A DS3231M I2C RTC // I2C0 in FAST MODE

A serial to USB converter using th FTDI FT232RL chip

A power mosfet used to drive a power LED (TCA0 W00)

A TPIC2810 used to drive 4 LEDS // I2C1 in FAST MODE+



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