'Frame Buffer Receive Mode' in CAN Controller of AVR

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MObs in CAN Controller of AVR have a mode called 'Frame Buffer Receive Mode'. The description is: "This mode is useful to receive multi frames. The priority between MObs offers a management for these incoming frames. One set MObs is created when the MObs are set in this mode. Due to the mode setting, only one set is possible. A frame buffer completed flag – BXOK – will rise only when all the Mobs of the set will have received their dedicated CAN frame."

Somehow this mode is a little mysterious to me. Please help me understand it.

1. As far as I understand, a group of MObs is created if these MObs are configured as 'Frame Buffer Receive Mode'. Only if all these Mobs have received the dedicated messages, an overall interrupt 'BXOK' is set. Is it correct?

2. Are Receive Interrupts set at the same time?

3. For which applications is this mode used most?