finished the STK500 ZIF solution

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I finished the ZIF daughtercards for the STK500.

The pictures attached show the 8515 et al card plugged
into the expansion connectors, above the target section on
the STK500. The idea is that you put, for example, the 40
pin chips in the left half of the 48-pin ZIF, and the 8 pin
chips in the right half. For the ZIF below the one populated
in these pics, it is the 20 pin to the left and the 24 pin to
the right. The other card, which I consider the main card,
does the m16 and 2343 and 2313 (and a 28 pin footprint
too) and all chips with similar footprint to those. One of my
cards supports most of the processors, and the one
pictured here supports the remaining ones.

My cost in the initial run was $36 for each set of 2
daughtercards (ExpressPCB). The board is pictured here
without the despiking caps. I wasn't able to place the caps
as well as I wanted cause the boards are packed. The
only tricky part (apart from the sheer number of nets in
the netlist from all the PORT busses and such) was the
AVCC signal; I left provision on the board to jumper it to
+5v, or else jumper it to go through an inductor to +5v and
a capacitor to gnd. I haven't tried the A/D peripheral on
any AVR. Perhaps I will do that soon. As far as I know, I
didn't make any mistakes. In one of the pics you can see
the STK500 hooked up to my jam machine (the project
one which I am currently working).

I plan to post the ExpressPCB schematic and .pcb file on
the forum as a project. If there is any interest I could send
you guys the boards at cost (the boards work for me but
that would be your risk).

I realize that many of you use ISP, but as I mentioned,
even with ISP (a header for which I put on all my finished
boards) I find myself pulling those 40 pin chips out of the
STK500 often enough to be annoying. This way I can
change chips and projects quite easily, without having to
have both a PORT and ISP connector cable and ISP
setup to each of my prototyping breadboards -- just the
PORT cable to my breadboard.


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Why don't you just sell 'em completed, with ZIFs in place?
I'd buy one.


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i did it a different way. i got the slim zif sockets from digikey and poped it into the sockets