Failed to launch program. in Atmel Studio 6.2

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I have a project which is recently migrated from AVR32Studio 2.6. A lot of it is working but Atmel Studio 6.2 says "Launch Failed. Failed to launch program. Error: Saving to device failed." What could be wrong in the system?


In addition to that, Atmel Studio 6.2 is very slow. When I'm navigating the project settings menu it often freezes for a minute. That's on Win10/64 on a Core i5/8GB machine. Any known issues with Win10?


Code built with 6.2 runs when loaded into the device with batchisp and the trampoline setting in the linker. I have a JTAGICE mkII which finds the device and 3.3V supply. It is not connected to a separate power supply. When I enter the memories section and try to program the Flash I get "Failed to write segment at 0x80000000 to target for memorytype base". ComponentId 20100 StatusCode 131103 TCF command: Modules:writeToMemory failed. That's with a build linked without the trampoline setting. I believe it does the same thing when it's set.


In the project properties -> Tool tab I have selected Use external reset and Target device is not part of a JTAG daisy chain. Unticking Use external reset doesn't seem to make things much better. Neither does disabling all breakpoints.


I hope you can help me along here. The project is in dire need of the debug features of Atmel Studio 6.2.