External serial ADC (LTC2344-16) with SAMV71

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Hi, I need som help with extenal ADC interfacing with the SAMV71.


I have a LTC2344-16 external ADC connected to the the usart1 from SAMV71. The usart1 is configured as a SPI Master. However, for each byte that is transfered to the external serial ADC, the uC includes a 3-bit pause between transfers and as a result the clock stops as well. As I have seen in the datasheet for this serial ADC, the pause should not exist, because the way the serial ADC is configured, I would need 96 clock cycles (uninterrupted) to get all the information back from the ADC without information lost. Is it possible to remove this 3-bit pause from the uC between byte transfer?


Best regards.

Last Edited: Thu. Nov 25, 2021 - 09:36 PM