EVK1105 IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack on line

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Hi All

I have just release uTaskerV1.4-6 for AVR32 and put an EVK1105 running IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack on-line showing its operation:

- To contact the boardover IPv4 the following address resolves to its IPv4 address: http://demo.utasker.com

- If you can do IPv6 its global IPv6 address is http://[2001:470:26:105::99]/

[the web server displays the address used to contact it - showing whether the connection is really IPv6]

It is actually using 6in4 tunneling over an IPv4 address (my provider doesn't support raw IPv6 yet) and is being used in the LAN as a 6in4 relay agent allowing PCs and other devices to tunnel IPv6 over a simple IPv4 router.

For those interested, there is detailed information about the IPv6 implementation here: http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTas...

To see what else is new in the latest AVR32 version the release note is here: http://www.utasker.com/forum/ind...

As well as IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack the new version also supports dual-homed operation (eg. for bridging between Ethernet and other TCP/IP interfaces like WiFi or radio modems). Multiple interfaces can be in the same network or interfaces can be assigned to independent networks.

New in this version is also an FTP client that can operate with IPv4 or IPv6 FTP servers - the FTP server (which has always been in the project) obviously can also work over IPv6. The FTP client is decribed here: http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTas...

All operation can be simulated in real-time in the uTasker simulator - below is a screen shot showing the EVK1105 in the simulator [the LEDs follow the port states and pressing buttons on it also cause port inputs/interrupts to react] ;-)

Note that the on-line demo also supports TELNET, FTP (client and server), TFT display (can be seen on a web page) as well as various other stuff and is about 120k in size when built with GCC and requires about 32k RAM - so there is lots of room for more to fit too!!