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I have experience with 8bit devices and now I would like to move to the AVR32 micros.
The first idea that came to my mind is to buy an evaluation board to get acquainted with the resources and the programming. I already own an AVR Dragon so I can use it to program trough JTAG.

Looking at ATMEL website I found the EVK1100 a very interesting board but it seems that not all the pins of the micro are "breaked out". In the next search,this time in Google, I've found this (link for the product at the end of the post) chinese board in Ebay:

EVK3A0512 Premium [Development Board+AVR32+LCD+SDCard]

The sellers claims that this board is fully compatible with the EVK1100 from ATMEL. The board also comes with SD, LCD , cables, etc, and it seems that all the possible pins are breaked out.
Another interesting feature is the "plug-and-play" socket for the AVR32.

I would like to ask to you guys, more experienced than me with the 32bit family, what are your impressions about these boards and wich one should I choose to get started with these micros.


Link for the product in Ebay: