ETRX3USB + ATmega256RFR2

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Hi all!


I try to connect ETRX3USB (as Coordinator) and atmega256rfr2 (as ED) together. But mega does not want to be connected to the network which created telegesis module. As far as I understand, ATmega receives packets from C and replies it. But it doesn't join to network. 

Function appZdoStartNetworkConf() receives status 0xC3 which even not described in zdo.h. 

I have tried with C on ATmega and (as you can see on pictures) beacon packets from mega and ETRX3USB absolutely identical. 

Also I have changed CS_SCAN_DURATION value from 0 to 9 without any result. Maybe someone has any ideas or suggestions? 


Thanks in advance.


Last Edited: Tue. Oct 7, 2014 - 10:13 AM