Error massage appears with the Studio 4.10.356 HELPPPPP

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Hi Freaks (please read this to the end i know its long one)
I am at the end of my project and i was mannaged to work with no problems with the STK500 and the ICE200.
As soon as i bought the ICE200 i managed to configure it with no problems and it worked great.
I started working with the ICE200 a long time ago so i dont really remember how to configure the ICE.

Suddenly today when I was tring to load the same project that i was working on for a long time I have started to get the following massages:

Error loading objectfile my_project.cof
The project is written with the Codevision and it passes the Build routine in order to make the cof file.

The problem accures when i was tring to load the AvrStudio (which i always did) .Ususally as soon as i pressed the red bug on the Codevision tool bar the AvrStudio was loading the project and every thing worked fine until today.....
Suddely i got the massage that i ned to configure the ICE200 (reset delay-normal or FSTRT and i need to mark the single step timer ,the 115200 bps communication) but what ever i do ....i get this massge "Error loading objectfile my_project.cof" and the AVRStudio resets it self and colses(with the ability to send Microsoft the error report)

I mad an upgrade to the ICE200 and it passes with no problem and i did the same to the STK 500 and it passes with no problemso i figure that the teo bords are workiing properly.

I upgraded the AvrStudio to ver 4.10.356 and i still get the same result.

I have installed the Symantec Antivirus not long ago maybe this might be the problem

Please advise because i need to give this projet in about two weeks.

Thank you and sorry for the long letter