Elm-Chan 2Gb

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I'm using Elm-Chan's Fatfs now for some time without trouble. Until now. Recently I bought new SD-card (Sandisk 2Gb), I've use the SankDisk 2Gb cards always. But the new delivery seems to be formatted in another way. Reformatting them makes the new cards work better but I am not able to get good reproducable results. Some problems since using the new cards :
* Formatting using f_mkfs does not work (error 1)
* I regularly get similar files on the disk; only difference is capital letters for example "logfile.txt" and "loGfile.txt"

Did someone else get similar problems ? As I said, I didnt have these problems with the old batch of cards. I upgraded FatFs to 0.8b and Winavr to the latest version, same problems still exist