EEPROM and codevision

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Hello friends,
i need a little bit of help with this,

i use this in my code... (Codevision)

on top before void main()..

// Declare your global variables here

eeprom char owner_number[]="342342332";
eeprom char usrid[]="web";
eeprom char usrpass[]="web";
eeprom char url[]="";

then sometime i receive from the uart some new data for these eeprom variables above...

so i have new tables in SRAM for each...

char new_usrid[10],new_url[40],new_owner[15];

and then i want to save those values in the eeprom and i use this way..

for (i=0;i<40;i++)
url[i]=new_url[i]; //SRAM to EEPROM transfer

compiler says no errors.. but it isnt real working... i get nothing change on the chip's eeprom..

what am i doing wrong and what should i change?
any thoughts??

thank you very much!