Dual Dot-Matrix Display product

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Hi there,

I am currently designing a new product using 2 pieces of the attached display.

I finished with the PCB design but unfortunately I realised that the final price is out of range. I used 1 pieace of the TD62783F (High side driver to control the columns) and 2 pieaces of the ULN2803A (to control the rows). There are also some other signals that have to do with other functions, that's why I used the ATMega64.

Is there any other solution to control the specific product dots (30mA (max) constant current and 100mA (max) peak current per dot). What would you do ?

The product power supply have to be in the range of 8 up to 35Vdc and the current consumption is less than 100mA. Do you have any opinion about the regulator (5V) ?

Thank you



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Take a look at Holtek semiconductor. They have an IC that uses I2C to communicate to the AVR and is designed for driving this type of display. The part number escapes me at the moment, but I will look later. I think it is the HT16k33, but I am not perfectly sure. The 16k33 has keyboard scan input capability IIRC. I will look later,

The point I am making is that it replaces the two ic's you are using and can reduce your code needed to control the led's and possibly reduce the cost of production.


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