Driver problem or what?

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Running Windows 7 64bit

I did a project last month and used both a USBTiny and my Atmel-ICE without any problems.  Now I can't access my ATMega328P with USBTiny or the Atmel-ICE.  I'm thinking maybe a uSoft update messed something up.


I'm using a stable 5V power supply on the Evil Mad Scientist board where the ATMega328P is installed in a ZIF socket...I've used this board a bunch in the past so I know it's not a problem.

Also I've used 2 chips and 2 different boards with same results.


So here's the deal;

When I plug the USBTiny into USB plug then apply power to the board the system recognizes it but it I plug it in and power is already applied I get an unknown device error.

And in Device Manager it's listed under libusb-WIN32 as usbtiny!


using AVRDUDE; avrdude -c usbtiny -p atmega328p -v

and get


Now in Atmel Studio 6.2, I uninstalled 6.2, 7.0 and all drivers and reinstalled 6.2 last night with no change.

When I plug the Atmel-ICE in the system recognizes it as Atmel-ICE CMSIS-DAP

but when I go to program device it gives error;



The ISP Clock is set all the way down on 45kHz


I know the chip is not bricked, DWEN not set.


So I'm absolutely stumped!  Any help would be much appreciated!

Happy Trails,