Don't submit bug reports as private forum messages

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Hello everybody,

Please don't submit bug reports to me (or anybody else) as private forum messages. While I do read this forum semi-regularly, I don't log in unless I want to post something, and even then I usually forget to check my private message box (or even that I have one).

If you think you have found a bug in AVR Studio or related software, the best way to go about it is:

0. Search the doucmentation (particularly the 'Known Issues' section), the Atmel website, and this forum to see if the issue already has been discussed/solved.

1. Post a public message here. More often that not you'll get excellent help from other people.

2. Submit a bug report to one of our e-mail addresses:
avr at atmel dot com - if it concerns a released product, or
avrbeta at atmel dot com - if it concerns a product with BETA status.
Please include all relevant details in the bug report, and be prepared to answer follow-up questions vie e-mail.

If in doubt don't hesitate to report, but following these simple steps makes everybody's (including yours) life easier.

Those of you who posted bug reports to my private messagebox now know why you got no response :) Sorry. I'll put that in my signature hereafter.

Thank you,
Roland Kruse
Atmel AVR Tools

Please don't report bugs in private forum messages.
Roland Kruse
Atmel AVR Tools