DN032 Bootloader and atmega8

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HI folks,
I'm trying to use design note 032 from the academy to add serial bootloader support to a mega8 project.
The mega8 part looks pretty straight forward.

But, before I go too much further, does anyone know if avrprog.exe will even support the atmega8? I really don't want to write my own wintel-based loader.

And if not, is there a relatively painless way of 'faking' it out by pretending to be another similar part in the family?

While on this subject, does anyone know the device byte for the mega8 (not the signature bytes)? It's not in an109 or an910, which is why I suspect the problem with using avrprog.exe

Thanks for the help,


ps if it matters, This is all being done in assembler.