D.I.Y atmeg board overflow.

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I have a board overflow (500 units) I'm looking to rid of. (chip not included)


1) USB ready if using v-usb

2) all of port C and B exposed to pins.  As well as Port D pins 3 and 4.

3) has an on board 3.3 regulator.

4) 12 MHZ crystal

5) atmega 28 pin (328,168,88,8) form factor.

6) ISP

7) few pins have pull ups but easily bypassed. (see schematic)


The image shown is with wires attached but will be sold wire free. Asking $15 per board but willing to bulk sell and deal. There is also a 16pin header with colored wires available I can add for $2.  All boards passed a QA check. Company logo is printed on the board. 


Shipping options.

USPS flat rate is around $7.20.

USPS registered mail will be near $3.00 padded but expect delays I can not ship that out of the office (special trip).

USPS 2nd day $15.00


The flat rate and 2nd day will hold near 50 pieces so shipping does not go up any.


Please PM for inquiries I'll try to get to any question if posted here.








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