Div16_xx Math Library updated

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Here's the updated Div16_xx Math Library (division by constants using multiplication by scaled reciprocals, ASM) - a 'shift by 4' bug in several modules repaired and /60 added for convenience of time processing enthusiasts (31 cycles w/o push/pop).

ASM library for divisions of 16-bit numbers by constants (range 3-23) using scaled reciprocal multiplication.
HW-multiplier ("mul" instruction) required.
Functions typically need ~36 cycles (w. remainder) or ~27 cycles (w/o rem.)
2003-Feb-12: added /18, fixed errors
2003-Feb-15: added /20, added "C-style" function with macro to perform a constants division with all divisors from 2 to 20 from one module
2003-Feb-24: added /21-/23 (stand-alone & module)
2002-Feb-24: everything speeded up by ~20% (thanks to J-H Reichert)
2006-Mar-24: added /60 for RTC related apps., fixed bug (Q>>4)in several modules.

BTW: I'd really like to find out if and how projects (including source files) can be posted - there must be a trick as new projects show up continually - I seem to be a bit too dense here ...

Edit: It seems Firefox isn't able to handle the file upload - using IE6 did work. Is this a known bug or do I have a configuration issue?