Disable JTAG in bootloader

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For an Arduino bootloader, I'd like to disable the JTAG just before jumping to the user application rather than disabling the JTAG with the fuses. This way I can always use the JTAG for debugging (but I'll have to replace the bootloader when I'm done). The JTD bit is in the MCUCR register, I think this is the correct assembly code to do the job...

 __asm__ __volatile__ (
    "in  r30,0x35\n"
    "ori R30,0x80\n"
    "out 0x35,r30\n"
    "out 0x35,r30\n"

For some reason it won't assemble with "MCUCR" and I have to put the actual address of 0x35 in the code.

Just had to add


at the end to specify the IO address as an argument number. So I guess it's correct.