Debugging Problem JTAGICE mkII: IDR event 0xcc.

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I am attempting to get a new board up and running with a MEGA329 with an external 8MHz crystal.

I wrote a simple program while(1){PORTB=!PORTB)

and tried to debug it on using the JTAGICE mkII

AVRStudio loads the part & object file and I get this message below the object file load message:

JTAGICE mkII: IDR event 0xcc.

Then the disassembler opens and all I see are FFFFs & ????'s Data or unknown opcode

Does anybody have any Idea what might be going on here?

I'm compiling with CVAVR 1.25.7a
AVRStudio 4.13 Service Pack 1 Build 557
JTAGICE Revision: Hw: 0x0000, Sw: 0x0426 0x426