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Heloo all,


Can the data visualiser work only with Xplained pro boards? I have a Atmega which is a regular chip type and works with ATMEL ICE DEBUGGER.  The problem I face is ,I cannot read the data that I have sent or received on Atmega,with the DEBUGGER. I just want to print the values received on my SPI.


Since the UART program is not -s-o easy , I found about the Data Visualiser. Can this be used with all type of Atmega boards.?



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This is a general Atmel Studio question - not specific to AVR.


ISTR that the Data Visualiser protocol is published somewhere - so you could implement it yourself.


I think that more recent versions of Atmel-ICE support the Data Visualiser?





Microchip wrote:
The Data Visualizer is a program to process and visualize data. The Data Visualizer is capable of receiving data from various sources such as the Embedded Debugger Data Gateway Interface (DGI) and COM ports


Documentation for the Atmel Data Protocol:


The Atmel Data Protocol (ADP) is a content independent protocol intended for transferring data from a target MCU to a host PC through an EDBG based debugger (EDBG, Atmel-ICE, Power Debugger) using the Data Gateway Interface (DGI, see Embedded Debugger's Data Gateway Interface) or directly to the host computer using a serial port. ADP is content independent and the transfer through the debugger is transparent, meaning that the content is not interpreted by the debugger.





Or perhaps it should be under 'In-System Debuggers and Programmers' ? 

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