Credit Where Credit Is Due

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I don't think that we give people enough thanks when they do things right. Online it's too easy to just complain all the while.


So, in that spirit, I want to thank Pavel at HPInfotech for yet another example of their excellent customer service.


On Wednesday morning I discovered what I believed to be a minor bug in the IDE of the latest version of Codevision CVAVR (v3.43). I emailed over a detailed, reproducible, report of the problem. And received back a confirmation email that it would be looked at.


This morning there was an email containing a fix. Which is why I've been happy to renew my support package every year for over 16 years.

#1 Hardware Problem?

#2 Hardware Problem? Read AVR042.

#3 All grounds are not created equal

#4 Have you proved your chip is running at xxMHz?

#5 "If you think you need floating point to solve the problem then you don't understand the problem. If you really do need floating point then you have a problem you do not understand."