Create a web-page in station mode for ATWINC1500 SAMD21 kit which is accessible via host name after provisioning

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Hi I have been working with Winc1500 SAMD21E18A kit + Atmel studio IDE and J-link debugger for my current project. 

The application starts as an AP for provisioning. Once the user provide the credentials, application switches to STA mode and connects to the specified AP. If the connection was success and IP was obtained, the device start the HTTP Server. 
Here I want to create a web page in the station mode which is accessible via host name. 

In provisioning mode this is possible because the application is acting as an AP and the device have always have a static IP. In case of a Station using DHCP, the WINC1500 STA will get a different IP every time when device connects to a different network. So I have added a DNS server in the same network which can route dynamically to the allocated IP. 

I have a working provision mode and it is switching to the station mode but when I am trying to add a web page in station mode after provisioning the application is not working(Even the provision mode is not working). 

So, I was wondering whether I could get some help with this issue. 

Thank you in advance