CMD_PROGRAM_FLASH_ISP cmd bytes? (ATmega2560)

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Hello everyone,


According to the STK500v2 documentation (, I need to send certain command bytes to the Atmel when I wish to program it. However, the value of these bytes isn't in the PDF I hotlinked, and I can't seem to find it in the .xml files either (the ones included in Atmel Studio 7.0, C:\Program Files\Atmel\(etc)\ATmega2560.atdf). The xml files do include values related to the command however, so I find it a little odd cmd1 to 4 aren't included there.

Perhaps I haven't used the correct keywords to Google it, or maybe I overlooked it real bad. In which case, my apologies. I've been analyzing some source code here and there, and while it does include these bytes, it doesn't mention a document or datasheet in the comments or the readme. Or perhaps it's because I'm a chaotic klutz that I missed it.


Thank you in advance, and again, my apologies if I overlooked something.




Christ... I did overlook it, I found it buried deep in this document, way down on page 340.

My apologies...

Last Edited: Fri. Oct 6, 2017 - 12:46 PM