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Last time I write a pcb company compare post,it is not finished,now here is the complete.


1:Pcbway pcb prototype company


This company is my frist choice,because the price.After register just about 10dollars for 10pieces.DHL is also good,3-7days can receive the boards.If you think DHL is expensive,you can also choose HongKong post.And you can also get the free pcb boards.


2:OSH PARK pcb prototype company


In terms of their fabrication, not too shabby. I've gotten better quality boards from other fab shops, but their price is good.sometimes the freight time is very long,i donnot know why.

By the way,i donnot like the their interface(others may like it)


3:Olimex pcb prototype company


A company in Bulgaria,they are not only a pcb manufacturer,but also do the business of device and hardware.Their quality is good,but to me their quotation maybe not very good.


4:4pcb pcb prototype company


I believe most of the engineer or hobbyist know the company and have ever bought their pcb boards.Their quality is good,but maybe is still more expensive than other companies.


5:hackvana pcb prototype company


I didn't ever purchase pcb from this company, Moderator please share your experience.


6:Dirtypcb pcb prototype company


Usually about 4dollars more expensive than pcbway,but is still cheap companred to other companies.But sometimes their quotation is very cheap.


7:Bayarea circuit pcb prototype company


Not cheap price,my friend was disappointed when his order was missing.It seemed that every company has his own problem.


8:pcbcart pcb prototype company


Long history pcb prototype company in china,quality is good,but their price is cannot acceptable,almost twice.



I know there are so many pcb prototype company,i hope you write down the name and as a reference.