Change in VOL spec for ATMega8

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I've noticed that there's a new ATMega8(L) datasheet, rev.X (let's count...). Okay, I said, they've marked it "Mature" or fixed some typo... let's see:

ATMega8(L) datasheet rev.X wrote:
Changes from Rev.
2486W- 02/10 to Rev. 2486X- 06/10
1. Updated "DC Characteristics" on page 242 with new VOL maximum value (0.9V and 0.6V).


VOLmax is IMHO one of the cardinal design characteristics. And they've not noticed UNTIL NOW??? How long is it, 8 years???

I know ATMega8 is NRND, although the datasheet still does not say so. But this makes me question the credibility of ALL parameters in ALL AVR datasheets.