Cant use the Atmel Power Debugger and send data through the UART on the DGI interface

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I can't the life of me get the Power Debugger UART interface to work.

It has the latest firmware via AtmelStudio7.


Using any 3rd party serial terminal connecting to the Virtual COM port gives no data on the pins.

I've also tried using the Data Visualizer with the following setup:





Pressing Connect on the Serial Port Control Panel, and then draggin the "jack" from the terminal to the sink on the USART box as shown in the following image:



Pressing Start on the Power Debugger Data Gateway I then write into the terminal and send with 'Return'.


Measuring with an Saleae Logic analyzer and an Oscilloscope between the 'RX->' and 'GND' as given on the silk screen.

The Power Debugger manual says that in 'RX->' is to be connected to the targets RX port, which then should be the debuggers outport, ive also tested the 'TX<-' port just to double check.

But as for results I am getting nothing. Is there some steps I am missing or something I'm doing wrong?

Last Edited: Mon. Nov 13, 2017 - 12:46 PM