Can't simulate Fast PWM on Timer 1 and PORTG in AVRStudio4?

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1. I have a problem when simulating PORTG in AVRStudio4. I configure DDRGi=1, so output and then write 1 to PORTGi, but HIGH don't appears at the next cycle at PINGi. Really, HIGH Level appears (I see It on Oscilloscope) at PINGi, but simulator don't show It.
2. Another problem is when I use Fast PWM on Timer 1. Top is defined by OCR1AH(L) and I configure Timer 1 counting from 0 to TOP, i.e FAST PWM Mode. But in simulator It counts from 0 to $FFFF and then backwards. And also Pulse Form didn't appears at OC1B pin how I've been configure It. So If anybody can tell me If that is a bug or I have some problem with Windows, because Assembling(Building) didn't works on any PC with Win98.
Daniel Nikolov