Can't get AS5 to play with second JTAGICE3

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I've got two JTAGICE3 units here, I've been using one of them (serial x262) to work with a board for a while but someone else has taken it and I've got to get the second one, serial x312, to work instead. See the attached screenshot, nothing I can do in my project will make the toolbar up the top, and the debugging infrastructure in general, switch to using the second debugger! :evil:

I've restarted AS5 many times, plugged and unplugged the x312 debugger, restarted the darn computer and that x262 debugger is still the only one I can talk to!

Note that the x262 debugger (correctly) doesn't appear in the drop-down box or in the firmware update dialogue, the only place it appears is where it counts - up the top there.

Any ideas?