Build an AVR Serial to GPIB adapter

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Guyzz i might need a GPIB interface
I might even have to do it my self , as i do NOT want to spend $400 for a NI board.

I have seen the one "Jan" has made with the 2313 , but i would like to talk with my TDS320 , and might want to make a LabView driver for it.

Startup would be serial to GPIB and later on maybe USB to GPIB.

Anyone knows what the max GPIB record size is ??? (I mean should i go for a M32 or a M162 with ext. mem) ??
As controller i suppose i could just hold one of the 3 handshake lines (i hope) , and empty out over RS-232.

Anyone have the IEEE 488.2 1992 specs ???


Ohh: Some existing code could come in handy :lol: :lol: