Bootloader PC tool with windows 10

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I am using AVR2054 Bootloader PC tool on windows 10. On embedded side i have custom board made using ATXmega192C3 controller. I am using serial port for communication between PC tool and custom board. When PC tool is started it sends handshake request (0xB2 0xA5 0x65 0x4B) on serial port which is well received by custom board and it does reply with handshake response (0x69 0xD3 0x0D 0x26). But as soon as reply is sent, PC tool close down automatically without giving any error message. After visiting discussions around this topic on forum i found that handshake response should be (0x69 0xD3 0xD2 0x26). I tried this too but PC tool still close down automatically. Can anybody please comment on this issue?

The source code for PC tool is in Java and unfortunately i don't understand Java. I am using Java 8 update 311 (64bit).