Boot loader simulation problem

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Hi everyone,

I want to discover the world of boot loader. I have written a stupid program that starts from the boot loader section, wait for an interrupt (external input 0 configured as falling edge) and then jumps to the application. I have compiled it with IAR compiler with no problem. The device is a Mega128. When I try to simulate the program, I see from the memory window that the code is placed at the correct location (word address 0xF000 in program memory). I run the program, but when I put 0 on the external input 0, the execution doesn't jump to the vector in the boot code, but in the application code. During initialization I placed the interrupt vectors in the boot code as explained in the datasheet (pag 62), but it seems not working. What else do I have to execute?

Thanks for the help.

Have a nice day.