BMF055/SAMD20 as I2C slave

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Working with I2C callback on SAMD20 I am facing some issue identifying when the i2c write actually happened.

There are 2 places where I attempt to put in a break-point, i.e. when did_write is set to 1, I do see the i2c_write_request_callback() happening as expected when I write from the master.


However, when I attempt to see if the write happened inside the infinite while loop at line 182, i.e. did_write being reset back to 0 - I see that this break-point is never hit.

Can some one help with how to identify write happened, since I need to do some wait based processing when i2c write happens from the master?


Last Edited: Fri. Feb 9, 2018 - 12:37 AM