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Hi all,

In my project, I have a structure which contains a bitfield. During a JTAG debug session, I watch this top structure. Looking at the bitfield within the struct gives a bunch of unsigned ints whose 8 LSbits are the preceding (8-bit) member of the structure and whose 8MSbits are the actual bitfield values. Because I know this I wrote a bit of code which when given the number right-shifts the whole lot 8 places then breaks down each remaining bit in to the individual bits in the field. It works, but it would be nice if I didn't have to. As much as anything else, I have to change the script each time I change the structure!

Are there any limitations on identifying bitfields from the debugging files or can a proper view of bitfields in theory be implemented? If so, any chance of getting it done? *smiles sweetly at studio-devs* :D;;;