Bitcloud Nwk_addr_req

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To obtain the associated devices of a router or coordinator i use the Nwk_addr_req.

ZDO_NwkAddrReq_t.reqType = 0x01; // extended response

The response is not what i expected in regard to the standard.

  1. The nwkAddrAssocDevList[] holds only very recently joined devices!
  2. After a second Nwk_addr_req the nwkAddrAssocDevList[] is empty?!
Is this the correct behavior? Im using the HA and SE Device examples for testing.

Maybe the child/ parent relationship between nodes is is a reason for that?
For example two ZDO_Mgmt_lqi requests for the coordinator and one of the childs shows that the response NeighborTableList_t.relationship is set to 0x0 (neighbor is parent) correctly but in each other case it always is 0x3 (not exactly specified).
It seems that the childs know the parent but the parent doesn't know the neighbour relationships (or it doesn't treat routers as childs?).

Any ideas? In the moment I use the ZDO_Mgmt_lqi_req to discover the nodes of a network but the ZDO_Nwk_addr_req would be nicer. :)