beginner's questions about AS7 and project configuration

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Hi all -


I hope this question is different enough from the one I asked earlier to not qualify as a cross-post.


So, I'm evaluating a SAME54 device for a new product. New to AS7, new to Microchip devices, new to software configurators.


I want to exercise the TCP layer a little bit, so I thought I'd begin with sockets. (I already managed to get DHCP addressing working.) In brief, in order to get sockets working, I needed a FreeRTOS, so I used the project reconfiguration tool to add FreeRTOS 10.0. I needed to add a few other files here and there as well; I can provide the details if needed. 


The first sign that I might be doing something wrong was that I had two instances of a header file "timers.h" -- one from LwIP and one from FreeRTOS. I wasn't sure what to do about this, but it seemed that the FreeRTOS file was the correct one to use, so I moved the FreeRTOS directories ahead of the LwIP directories in the include paths property. My program builds.


Now, though, the program hangs on a call to printf (this is what my other post was about). I won't go into the details, but the routine _usart_sync_is_transmit_done never returns true. The problem seems to be at the HRI level. My printf() calls worked fine (except for losing some characters, probably due to some incorrect flow control settings) before I added FreeRTOS and made my tweaks, so I'm thinking it has to be some configuration error on my part, but I have no idea where to look.


So, my questions:


  1. is there any issue with adding FreeRTOS to this example project?
  2. should I have chosen a different version or flavor of FreeRTOS in the configurator?
  3. how does one go about resolving the occurrence of multiple files with the same name in one project?


Thanks for any insight...

M. Zimmers