Bad JTAG ID read

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I try to program an AT32UC3C2512C by using Atmel Studio 7 and ATMEL ICE with JTAG wiring.

When I read the JTAG ID in the "Device programming" menu, the ID does not match with my µc and the following error message appear :

"Unable to enter programming mode. The read device id indicates that the connected device is an AT32UC3C0512C.

Please verify device selection."

Indeed,  the ID detected is "0x4200003F" and accoridng the datasheet it's corresponding to the AT32UC3C0512C.


I checked : 

      - Available update for AS7 with device pack manager. It's not running well so I check on this page :

      - The reference written on the µc, it's AT32UC3C2512C

      - Connection and voltage reference