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This is an AVRstudio enhancement request. I know, easy to request, yet never easy to implement :wink: if it gets implemented at all.

When using the AVR assembler

.def registername = r17

for example, it would be really nice to see the debugging I/O View display the registername next to the r17 general purpose register label when the I/O View is updated. Of course when

.undef registername

is used, the I/O View would go back to just the r17 label.

For now I have a growing pile of .def register name printout pages to recycle. I find it much easier to debug when not using any “.def” naming at all. However, there are definite advantages to using “.def” register names for readability, tweaking register assignments for code optimization or to reuse routines.

A printout of all the “.def” names helps, but is distracting to use. Scrolling through the source code while debugging to find the “.def” names is slow and distracting.