avrstudio can't grab dos output stream

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Hi everybody,

In English:

Summary of my situation:
- OS = windows 98
- my computer is a notebook ( I don't know if it is important or not
but I don't think so )
- avrstudio 3.53 from Atmel's site
- avrfreaks gcc (downloaded in februar)

The compilation works well (all files are created) but Avrstudio 3
can't grab the dos window output stream to the avrstudio window
called '"project output" (In dos mode,I have the normal display).
So, the "project output" windows doesn't contain the string
"Errors : none" so that avrstudio generate a linking error.
But, my big problem is that I can't see my syntax errors.

What I've tried:
- a lot of things
- to use another code editor (ConTEXT) allowing to make compilation
and redirecting dos output stream to a local windows.
result: empty window.

What I think:
- my problem doesn't come from avr gcc nor avr studio, but from
my operating system.
- I've got a problem with my system configuration (at least my dos
emulation), maybe in my autoexec.bat or my config.sys.

What I need:
Someone who well know dos because I, I don't.

I don't want to reinstall all my system, so if anyone got an idea!!!

If you need more information, this thread is the following of this one,
which is in english and in french :

Best Regards, doom

AVR inside

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AVR inside